Comercial ULSA has been incorporating Social Responsibility actions in its business strategy at different levels. Concerning the environment, they have a photovoltaic self-consumption installation which produces more than half the energy they consume and a recycling policy covering cardboard and paper packages. Regarding the economic and social aspects, they actively collaborate with many solidarity projects related to the Food Bank Foundation, the Cancer Research Organization and the Acquired Brain Injury Organization. They also donate materials to refugee camps and to disadvantaged sectors and, moreover, promotes and sponsors sporting events: solidarity races, customized finish line arches in every race held at a provincial level and actively participating with its own athletics team for both its employees and external candidates.


Shortly, one step closer! They are organizing the first ULSA Olympics in which every employee will participate in six sports disciplines: long jump, 100m hurdles, 400m relay, shot put, discus and javelin throw. It will be a get-together where the aim will not be making it to the podium but rather spending a healthy day together in a pleasant environment.

At ULSA, they firmly believe in the importance of promoting Social Responsibility from a business perspective. Raising awareness in companies and their staff by actively participating in our society to make it better is essential for harmony and the common good.

Step by step they are playing their part… Different actions, however big or small, always add up!


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