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We are specialists in the installation and inspection of Protection Systems against horizontal and vertical falls.

What are they for?

They are both a preventive and protective measure, used to avoid falls at the same or different level.

Unlike anchor points, lifelines allow continuous horizontal or vertical movements without workers having to let go of them, and they are also considered collective protection measures, since they are able to support several operators simultaneously.

With anchor points, however, this type of maneuvers is more difficult to protect against swing fall hazards.

What are they?

Lifelines are accredited and certified fall arrest systems, made up of cables or rails, to keep operators safe when working at height, whether it is outdoors or indoors and provisionally or permanently.




All lifelines, manufactured according to regulations, must carry both the manufacturer’s certificate and an installation certificate. We are an authorized installation company.

Mandatory inspections after a fall or at least once a year if there are no incidents. Performed by authorized and registered personnel.


Lifelines must comply with different regulations to be certified or homologated. These will depend on the characteristics of each job, as well as the peculiarities of each system.

For instance, the UNE EN 795/A1-2001 and UNE EN 3531-2 refer to vertical anchor systems.

Another good example of authorized lifelines are provisional (complying with the UNE 795 B regulation) or rigid ones (complying with the EN 795 D regulation).

Trust our team and you will reduce any kind of high-altitude risks.

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