Comercial ULSA

Our history

Comercial ULSA was founded in the 70s by Mr. Ulpiano Salamanca, who had extensive experience (more than 60 years) in the Industrial Supply sector.

Comercial ULSA, since its foundation, has been a supplier of industrial supplies such as: tools; machinery; hardware; pneumatics; welding, cutting, lifting and measuring equipment; transmissions (belts, pulleys); abrasives; warehousing; chemical products, and paying special attention to workwear (industrial, sanitary, hospitality, kitchen and cleaning uniforms) as well as PPE (personal protective equipment, safety footwear, gloves, hearing-respiratory and visual protection…).

Comercial ULSA is aimed at the automotive, food, construction, maintenance and installation companies, public administration, etc. We offer national and international coverage, framework contracts with companies that have a nationwide presence to which we offer a global service from Valladolid.

Our commercial department is comprised of a professional team which is up-to-date and permanently trained to make direct visits to our clients, as well as a team of assistants in our facilities to find the ideal solution for each client.


Since its origin, Comercial ULSA has been devoted to QUALITY and the ENVIRONMENT. This commitment begins in our well-cared facilities and goes all the way to the after-sales service through professional advice that is tailored to your needs.

We have the ISO 9001 Certification which reinforces our spirit of continuous improvement and offers our clients a perfect management system coupled with the latest technologies.

We are aware of our environmental responsibilities, and the ISO 14001 Certification, which we will receive from May, confirms this.

We are committed to Total Quality in all our products as well as in our Customer Service. That is why we stand out.


A 2,000m² self-service area, exclusive parking space, over 70,000 references, 1,500 suppliers, cafeteria area…

Comercial Ulsa expanded its service with new facilities on Calle Helio 7, in the Poligono San Cristobal industrial estate (Valladolid, Spain) and two new warehouses on Calle Propano.

It is a space open to the public with over 2,000 meters of assisted self-service area (instant assistance), a 5,000 meters warehouse, exclusive parking for customers, business hours including Saturday mornings, more than 130,000 references, 1,500 suppliers, cafeteria area…

We place a strong focus on the workwear boutique, with more specialized clothing, high quality designs and top brands (Timberland, Helly Hansen, Lotto, Panter, Robusta, …), ideal for high altitude and adventure sports.

We have broadened our horizons with a new printing and embroidery workshop, equipped with a large format printing plotter, 8 embroidery heads, 3 thermal plates, laser cutter… A whole world of possibilities at your fingertips.

Last but not least, we are making a definitive leap to the world of lifelines, with “SOS” Systems and Installations Safety by ULSA, we are specialists in the installation and inspection of Protection Systems against horizontal and vertical falls.


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