The manager of Comercial Ulsa, Javier Gomez Salamanca, awards Monica Gallo, the head and Special Operations supervisor of The Food Bank of Valladolid Foundation, a symbolic cheque of 730 euros which was turned into 1,200 liters of whole milk for the Foundation, thanks to the last kilo campaign carried out by this company from Valladolid in which both clients and employees were involved and in which the company contributed 2% of its sales revenue.

This event was attended by the president of the Comercial Ulsa Ciudad de Valladolid Basketball Club, Mike Hansen and the president of the Comercial Ulsa Athletics Club, Javier del Campo, showing Ulsa’s solidary commitment not only in the business field but also in the sports field since, according to Javier Gómez: “sports and the business sector must go hand in hand at a time when families need a solidarity incentive to face the problems derived from this harsh crisis”.

Monica Gallo wanted to thank Comercial Ulsa for this new collaboration and asked her manager to “continue with his commitment to give a hand and make services available to families who need us most, since without solidarity and business involvement, it would all be more difficult and precarious. Thanks for Helping Us Help! “


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